Graduation Speech : My Educational Pursuits Essay example

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NYU-Steinhardt has always been a dream of mine when it comes to my educational pursuits. After my first research project in college I knew I wanted to be a life long student and pursue the highest of degrees. Eventually I hope to earn a PhD in the Sociology of Education through NYU. When I was informed of your Embedded Master of Arts in Teaching in Secondary Education program after being selected for the Urban Education Fellowship through the Great Oaks Charter School in Bridgeport, CT- I knew it would be a great fit for me and serve as wonderful stepping-stone in the expansion of my education.
I am extremely interested in the EMAT for various reasons. I spent the majority of my childhood and early adulthood in a low-income urban community and spent many of my school years receiving my education in an urban school. I have first hand experience with vast diversity within these kinds of communities. My heart and passion lies within working in similar communities. Additionally, I hold a degree in sociology with a minor in ethnic studies. Throughout my undergraduate career I learned about the Achievement Gap and grew very interested in the work being done to address this issue. I became specifically interested in the disparity within racial/ethnic groups within academia. My goal is to be amongst the front lines of the fight to close the achievement gap and level the playing field in academia.
I want to take a moment to address my GRE scores within my statement of purpose and…

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