Graduation Speech : My Childhood Essay

878 Words Dec 14th, 2016 4 Pages
During my childhood I was a bright child; before kindergarten I was already spelling and reading book, as well as knew my numbers. Between First and Fourth grade teachers realized I knew the material already so they began to push me off to the side, so once I entered the Fifth grade I was lost in the material being given to me causing me to fall behind and it was extremely hard for me to catch up. During Sixth grade I began to do a little better until my grandmother became very ill and I didn’t have much help at home. My mother took care of my grandmother and everyday after school I would walk to my grandmother’s house to do homework, and again wasn’t getting the help I needed.Afterwards, while being an 8th grader, my mom began to be more involved so, little by little I began to do good again. That is when I realized only I can determine what my future will be and anything can happen if I push myself.
In high school, I began to plan out my future; I had a lot of help from teachers and counselors. I attended Watsonville High, they had academies, each academy went with different career paths. I chose ECHO academy, it was for students who want to start a career in fields that help people. I began to take courses, such as, Psychology, and Leadership; that is when I realized I wanted to study psychology to become a social work or counselor. Another reason I chose social work is because I have always noticed how happy my mother was, being able to help others. She got a job as a…

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