Graduation Speech : My Childhood Essay

893 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
As I reflect back to my childhood, I realize that I have always received love and support from not only my parents, but my teachers as well. From an early age, I have always been challenged with adamantine text and writing pieces. My parents have also kept up a ritual of reading before bed. When I was younger, they would read to me, but as I have progressed through school and literacy skills, I read on my own. I was that annoying little sister because I enjoyed reading to my older brother, who was a pre-teen at the time. He always seemed annoyed that his little sister was always reading. I remember a particular instance where he asked me if I could read in my head, and I belted out, “No, I don’t know how.” As I started school, my elementary had several great programs to help us develop into literate individuals. With age and knowledge gained, the programs became more difficult as I entered middle and high school. The path that brought me here today was a rough one, but I wouldn’t change it, or the people in it, even if I could. At Northern Heights Elementary School, my instructors succeeded at getting my classmates and I charged about reading. We would go down to the library at least once a week to check out several books for us to read in class and at home for part of our homework assignments. After we picked out a few books, we would all gather around the librarian for story time. Each week we would have a new and exciting book. As we progressed through the…

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