Graduation Speech : My Childhood Experience Essay

906 Words Feb 8th, 2016 4 Pages
Learning lessons are a natural part of life, it is something that never stops, one can never reach an age where he or she is too old to learn a lesson. The universal idea is that our teen years are said to be the stage of growth in which we learn and mentally grow the most. Our teen years teach us the important tips that we will take to adulthood. Although I am only 18 years old, my teen years up until this point of adulthood have taught me so many important skills, lessons and overall important life tips. Throughout my teens years I have learned what I would considered to be the most important life tip there is. That life tip being, I should always surround myself with success. Not only that, so many life lessons have come along with that, the most important life lesson I have learned throughout my teen years was that life is short and that tonight could very well be your last. My grandmother has always told me as a child and even now, “you will only be as successful as the company you keep”. Being a teen, hearing her say this, I never thought anything of it, almost going into one ear and out of the other. I would more so say I did not understand exactly what she was telling me, that is until I found a different group of friends to hang out. The moment I got to high school the variety of friends opened to an even bigger plaza, for the most part my freshman year of highschool was an absolute breeze, I even had friends that were much older than me and it all seemed pretty…

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