Graduation Speech : My Accomplishments Essay

1282 Words Aug 24th, 2016 null Page
My family had just migrated to California from Mexico when I was born. In a new country, my father worked in landscaping earning less than $4 dollars an hour, while my mother relied on public transportation to take her newborn child to and from doctor visits. In the land of opportunity, my family struggled to put a roof over our heads. Nonetheless, my parents sought to achieve their goals and worked tirelessly to raise my younger brother and I. As a result, I was taught the importance of education from a young age that became a major catalyst in my life. My desire to excel academically was not for self-gain, but my way of contributing to my family’s goals and aspirations.

One of my proudest accomplishments in life was earning my college degree, becoming the first person in my family to achieve this great milestone. As a First Generation Scholar, I learned first hand the struggles and obstacles that come with earning a higher education. However, coming from an inner city high school where resources are limited, I only found school counselors that could offer little help. Consequently, I started school with little guidance and found the path towards a college education difficult and at times discouraging. The transition to college was challenging, I experienced failure in a way that I had never faced. Stress and the overwhelming sense of failure would be paralyzing, making simple tasks impossible. Nonetheless, my parents provided support at every turn, and only served as my…

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