Graduation Speech : It Is The Same Thing For Every University

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When you go to college it is basically the same thing for every university regardless of the prestige behind the school. What that basically means is that every, or at least most schools have the same things such as a cafeteria, a gym, dorms, and classrooms for you to attend your classes. Ben Nelson wants to change this stigma of colleges by creating a unique university, called Minerva, where the students would take all of your classes online, and all the professors would hold all their lectures online as well. Although this has been done in the past Nelson wants to create a very different experience for the student. By having a “campus” in many different states and give the students the ability to experience new cultures and people but still have a very focused learning experience, as well as making the lecture obsolete. Does this mean that college is doomed and that all other universities will see that they are wrong and change their ways to the ways of Minerva. Graeme Wood a Professor at Yale commented about the school that Nelson wanted to create in his article “Is College Doomed?”. Wood Feels that this school will not be the doom of the conventional school but does point out the weaknesses of the traditional school that we all know. The traditional campus which includes a cafeteria, a gym, lecture halls, and many other facilities, are crucial to the learning process. This all online campus will not facilitate learning but hinder the average student.
Minerva is a good…

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