Graduation Speech : Is It The Best For Current Athens? Essay

736 Words Nov 5th, 2015 3 Pages
Who here has a prior education? How many of you know how to read? A good majority of us don’t, and this is where, if we don’t take action, we will end up making the wrong decisions based off our uneducated knowledge that may harm or even destroy our Polis! Assembly members, men of Athens, stand with me when I say that we need to have councilmen that are educated help make decisions on our behalf. I say we propose laws and write them, and once we are done with that we send those laws out to the councilmen to revise, change, and reject laws to a certain extent. It is time we allow those who have made an effort to educate themselves to stand tall and represent us as the men of Athens. Let’s start with all of us. Most of this assembly is uneducated, and honestly if we want to make this a better city-states we have to give up our pride and realize that the decisions we make may not be the best for current Athens or even future Athens. We want to move forward, but we will be taking two steps back if we keep the assembly the way it is now. I would like those of you that are educated to please make yourselves known! We aren’t giving up our rights as people, this isn’t what that’s about. It’s about allowing the more educated to take our proposed laws and making them law or not. I also think that if we want a law that isn’t passed by the councilmen, then we should allow a two thirds vote of the assembly to be able to reverse a councilman 's decision. Let’s give this job…

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