Democracy In Athenian, Sparta, And The Roman Republic

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Throughout history there has been many cultures with different ideas on how to organize their people. The Athenians, Sparta, and later the Roman Republic are examples of early forms of democracy. There where many systems of government in history some being oligarchy, monarchy aristocracy, and many others with slight variations. Why and how did democracy grow to such popularity, and how has democracy changed since its creation.

The exact date of when democracy was first used in society is unknown but historians estimate it is approximately 500 BC in Athens Greece. Before a democratic system was implemented, Athens was in a state of fluctuation between having tyrants seize control, and the population voting in different tyrants. Until 594
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In Athens instead of the domes voting on these bills(like many modern societies), they would inform the public and allow for citizens to vote on every action proposed by the domes, in order to be a citizen in the deme, you would have to prove that you are a male, over 18 years of age, and that you 're not a slave. These rules on voting were huge steps from previous societies, because it actually gave a lot of power to the people, although the amount of people was minimal. This type of democracy is called a direct democracy because the public vote on almost if not every action in the …show more content…
What happened was people heard rumors about banks collapsing, and people loosing their money, so a large amount of the population rushed to the banks to remove all of their stocks, and money from the banks. This caused a massive global event known as the Great Depression, since the invention of stocks, it allowed the economies of the world to connect because all of them would share the same rates, if one of the most rich countries in the world economy collapsed the rest of the world would feel the repercussions.

After the great depression many countries were unsure on how well democracy worked, so you saw the return of many oligarchies, and fascist governments, such as the Soviet Union, and Hitlers

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