Graduation Speech : Honors Colloquium Essay example

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Honors Colloquium freshman year in college, there are so many things an immature eighteen year old could expect to learn. Just by looking at the name, one wonders what the heck colloquium means. As expected, I learned an abundance of facts about the history of the United States and the world. However, as interesting as these facts were to learn, random facts aren’t good for anything more than stumping the boys at bar trivia. When asked to name things I’ve learned, I consider things that I can apply every day. Hence, I am happy to say that there are multiple things I have truly learned this semester in Honors Colloquium.
The first thing I’d like to talk about deals with American exceptionalism. I have always thought that America was exceptionally better than every other country. Without a doubt, I believed that the United States could do no wrong. However, upon reading numerous chapters from the book and the subsequent discussions from class that accompanied them, it was easy to tell that a lifelong assumption had been quite misleading. Learning that American exceptionalism was real and that it wasn’t a good thing was difficult to accept; equally, it was important to learn and there’s a couple reasons why. Firstly, knowing that America is no better than other country is important to know. You cannot go into the world beating your chest if you have no reason to beat it. One cannot falsely present information, or it can be detrimental to oneself. Knowing that America is not…

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