Graduation Speech : Honor Codes Essay

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Technology today allows students to easily access information that may be used to plagiarize on their school work and exams. In light of the problems with plagiarism, honor codes and systems have become increasingly popular to prohibit the amount of cheating in schools. While my school currently has an honor code, it would be better to revise it so the student culture regarding the code will improve and to ensure that students desire to succeed and do well on their work. To begin, student culture regarding the honor codes at their schools is essential because it determines whether or not the rules would be taken seriously. There may be an honor code that is strictly enforced, but if students have no part of the process and are only punished, they may not support it. According to the article “Honor Codes Work Where Honesty Has Already Taken Root,” when honor codes and events regarding to student integrity are student-enforced and regulated, the students are less likely to cheat than if it was the school administrators controlling everything. Student’s will not want to take the chance of cheating and getting caught if they will have to have the issue handled by peers in a council, and then face a sense of embarrassments throughout the school. Once a strong moral against plagiarism and cheating has been formed, it will be negatively viewed by students to take part in cheating. However, in schools where students have an active role in matters regarding integrity, it is not…

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