Graduation Speech : High School Essay

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When college knocks at the door, countless students don’t know what to consider to make the next step from high school to college. Numerous high school seniors fear graduation, but what happens in high school is unlike any experience in college. When high school and college are contrasted, surely college inhabits an exclusively higher-ranked environment; high school seniors should aspire to go to college because of the preferable atmosphere and the pleasant adventures other students are able to enjoy. To begin with, college and high school display two distinct educational atmospheres. One aspect that sets them apart is the diversity in age. When a student chooses between going or not going to college, one characteristic to consider is the age range in high school. First, all the classmates range from ages 15 to 18 where levels of immaturity and irresponsibility are extortionate. Hoyt states, “in high school everyone is required to be there,” but “in college, everyone wants to be there.” In other words, every senior that is preparing to graduate knows that high school is an immense bubble of students who don’t grasp the importance of learning. However, none of these issues have to be dealt with in college as stated in the article, “How is College Different from High School,” a student in college will “take control” as well as “think as a scholar” to succeed. Age groups in college are completely diverse enhancing the beauty of learning. Indeed, most college students have…

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