Graduation Speech : Graduate School Essay

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Just as a fore warning data in this subsection is very limited, as many studies have not went as far to study Latinos in graduate school. Many undergrads believe they are done with education once they are four years are done and they have received their bachelor’s degree. Even though the economy is on the rise in unemployment rates have lowered nationally, attending graduate school will help stabilize these income securities definitely throughout history. With higher levels of education, higher-level jobs and increased income become available. Furthermore, graduate students become more and interconnected with others with similar goals and learned of job training opportunities to better enhance their future success. One more point, higher levels of education comes in easier and earlier retirement than what those who only have a bachelor’s degree (Fry 2004). Not all college students will go to graduate school, but the percentage of Latinos who do is especially low (Fry 2004). Though many initiatives implemented in high schools as well as colleges for Latino students, very few still are receiving a bachelor’s degree and then pursuing further education may it be through the medical school or graduate school (Fry 2004). With the increasing demand of higher and higher levels of education to make an income (bachelor’s degrees are sometimes nice enough and present day Stable career), further education allows for job security as well as higher pay; thus, increasing your social…

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