Graduation Speech : General Education Essay

796 Words Jun 16th, 2015 4 Pages
In a typical university or college, every student is required to take general education for acquiring any kind of degree. When a student decides to take a class at the university, usually the price per class is determined by how many credits the class offers. Because of this, the cost of getting a degree can increase very quickly. There are many students like myself who believe we shouldn’t be forced into taking general education courses for many reasons. Taking general education courses can be expensive, completely unrelated to the student 's major, and could possibly be on a subject the student already knows well enough.
It is true that general education can yield good things such as critical thinking and can open a person up to many more subjects, but colleges and universities is a place where a student can learn a specific subject, not dip their toes in all subjects. IIt is completely unfair to a student to force them to take courses that will not hold any value to them in the future. My first reason on why I believe general education should not be forced is the time and money it takes for a student to complete the courses. If a student already has their major picked out and has no doubts on changing his major, why should he or she be taking courses that are completely unrelated to his major? In example, a computer science student should not have to take courses on sciences such as fitness/health, or a psychology course. If a student didn’t have to take general…

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