Graduation Speech : Entering My Freshman Year Essay

788 Words May 5th, 2016 4 Pages
Entering my freshman year in college, I was quite nervous for multiple reasons. I was nervous about keeping my grades up, making new friends, and ultimately figuring out who I was going to become as I transitioned into adulthood. However, the idea that scared me the most was the thought of having to write numerous, long and complicated essays, which I had always heard college students talk about. In high school writing was not made of any importance; therefore, I felt quite unprepared and petrified to attempt a college level English course. As I walked into my freshman, fall semester English class I remember thinking “okay, these people don’t look like geniuses either, so I can do this.” Then came our first major writing assignment, which I didn’t believe to be extremely complicated. However, after turning in my paper and then being told to rewrite it, all those uneasy feelings returned. I was very vexed to have to rewrite the essay on a different topic after I had just spent so much effort and time on my original essay. Yet, now looking back, I feel tremendously fortunate that my professor cared enough and made me rewrite my essay. Rewriting this first assignment was a major turning point in my writing career. Having to rewrite my essay and meet one on one with my professor made me realize how much detail and overall structure my writing lacked. I can usually easily think of creative ideas, which I thought made me a proficient writer; however, I did not realize how much I…

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