Reflective Essay: What I Learned In My Writing

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I’ve always loved to write. I write to express the thoughts and feelings I don’t like to share aloud. I write as a release, to free myself from the confines of my mind and to get everything I’m holding in so tightly out of my head. As a freshman, I skipped English 1201 and entered 1202 with no formal college writing instruction. I was confident in my abilities to write and excel in the course, as my passion for writing made English my best subject since elementary school. However, when I received a “B+” on the first essay I submitted in college, I instantly felt discouraged. I began to doubt myself and my writing abilities, and wondered why my professor hated my writing when my passion for the subject was evident on the page. But then after my initial shock of receiving the first “B” settled down, I took a step back and looked at my essay. …show more content…
After realizing that I could no longer muddle through English and had to put more effort into my formal writing, I decided to go to my English professor directly and was determined to better my writing. I decided to seek help not because of my poor grade, but because I wanted to be a better writer. An aspiring attorney won’t succeed in law school with “B+” work, thus I was determined to push myself and my writing to a point where I saw improvement. And now writing this essay, the improvement is obvious. From the first essay to this essay, I’ve improved my ability to find a focus and to “close read” texts, writing more insightful passages of analysis. I’ve also improved my writing style in order to better convey my thoughts and claims on the page. English 1202 has helped improved my writing tremendously, and this is most evident in the drafts of my second essay, titled “The Supremacy of Human Civilization”, which I worked on directly with my professor all throughout the

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