Graduation Speech : Elementary School Essay

760 Words Sep 9th, 2016 4 Pages
Throughout my 13 years of school, and now in college, you learn who you truly become, who your friends are, and especially realize what you’ve been taught eventually pays off. When we were kids, we always thought about who was the most popular, or who had the coolest backpacks. Little did I know learning to respect others, pay attention in class, and even raising your hand when you had a question would show that it would come in handy for the future. Surely when we were kids, did we each think it was bologna. It has shaped our future and ourselves as an individual.

Elementary school had to be my favorite due to the fact that there were no worries in the world. Being this young, you start to develop friendships and learn to get along with others. And let’s not forget to mention seeing other boys for the first time and starting to have crushes because one is very cute in your eyes. But as I start to go to my classroom, I never really thought about grades or knew that was a thing, or discipline. Once I started to see my teacher didn’t want me to talk while she was talking, showed me that I need to act right and behave so I wouldn’t go to the office. Grades taught me to try my best. If I continued to make S’s (which was like having an A), then I’d get to go to the honor roll assembly and receive an award. With hard work, comes success. Now that I am older, I see that in order to achieve what you want, you must pay attention to what you must do in order to succeed or…

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