Graduation Speech : Elementary School Essay

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As a child in grade school didn’t seem very important to me, I was more worried about enjoying my time in school then learning. I don’t have any memory on a learning experience in grade school were it impacted my life other than learning my ABC’s in preschool. If I could go back into time I would definitely like to pay more attention in school and learn more at a young age rather than having to learn it later when I got older. My interest in school started in high school; I started taking education more seriously when I got into high school and I was able to pick classes that interested me as electives.
My most memorable learning experience was my freshmen year. My freshmen year I had an English teacher names Mr. Garza. Mr. Garza introduced me to books, he would have us read every single day in class for 20 minutes, and at home for another 20 minutes. He would allow us to pick a book of our choice but whatever book we choose we had to stick with it until we were finished with it. He would give us three weeks to finish one chapter book; if you were done with the book before the three weeks we would go on to the next book of our choice. He would introduce us to his favorite books at the beginning of the year and tell us a little bit about the books and why they were his favorite, I read two of the books he introduced us too and one of them “snitch” will be my all time favorite, I read the book three times on my own time because of how much I enjoyed it. Growing up I was the…

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