Essay on Graduation Speech : Education And Education

2428 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 10 Pages
Throughout my course this semester, I have learned to be more open-minded and have a different mindset when it comes to education. I always had a passion for teaching and working with children. Learning everything that I keep on learning throughout college and experiences, makes me that much more passionate in becoming a future educator that could potentially make a change for children. When I first began my journey through education and getting my degree, I connected it with my experiences of when I was in school. Now that I have learned the difference about school and education and the different teaching methods, I will continue striving to do my best and learn as much as I can to help others. One of the major lessons that I learned this semester was the difference between schooling and education. I always believed they were one and the same because you are taught to attend school to receive an education. However, I have come to find out how very different they truly are. Schooling is the process of making everyone obedient by learning to follow rules. A school is an ideology; it is a system of ideas and explanations for an existing social arrangement. They use schools as a way to keep people manageable by telling only one side to a story, or a solution to a problem, and sidelining all the rest. It is because the society, government in particular, wants a robotic, non-thinking, group of future leaders that will not question order, but will obey. Education, on the other…

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