Essay on Graduation Speech : Correction Reflection

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Student Essay Correction Reflection
This was a well-researched essay, but it was riddled with many errors. This essay did not incorporate proper MLA format, proper homophones and verbs, and had choppy transitions that were fatally distracting. According to MLA format, the heading of a paper should include the writer’s name, their professor, class, and date. Mr. Smit included his name and the date at the end of the paper. He cited nothing in th beginning of the paper. When citing references and works in MLA format, for books, you should use parenthetical citations. For example, when citing his works by Wallace L. Chafe he could have used “(Chafe 27)”. All citations used in this paper were cited wrong. While normally this does not interrupt a paper, the way his first citation was constructed threw the introduction paragraph into inreparrable confusion. The “Works Cited Page” should be titled as thus and should be formatted following MLA guidelines. Along with MLA format probems, there were also a lot of incorrect homophone and verb usage. “The term Homophone refers to words with identical pronunciations but different spellings and meanings” (Joy 22). The homophones that were misused were “there” and “their”. These are two of the most common homophones and are often used in error.This causes problems of possessiveness and can greatly confuse the reader. In addition to misuse of homophones, there was also interchanges between the singular verb “is” and plural verb “are”. Just…

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