Essay about Graduation Speech : College Or A Big University

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As the school year rolls on by, I am enjoying my senior year with friends and family as I take a part in the last year of all my favorite activities in high school. I am beginning to apply to colleges across the nation, trying to find the best place to take the next step in my life. When looking at colleges, I look for the opportunity to choose between a community college or a big university, how far will I be from home, the choice between public or private colleges, and at the end of the day, the tuition cost is what will mostly determine where I will go after high school. As I received letter after letter, email after email about where I might go next, I know that I am not in this situation alone. Millions of other graduating seniors are looking for the right school to take the next step into their future. And where we go next will pave the path for the upcoming years.
When deciding where to go to college, many students have to wonder whether or not want to attend community college or go straight to a four-year institution. Out of the 17.5 million students enrolled in undergraduate programs, 42% went to community college. This is around 7.3 million people who attended community college (Community College FAQ’s). All of these young adults chose community college because, on average, community colleges’ tuition averages at an annual fee of $3,978. This price for basic general education is much cheaper than the annual fee of a college, such as the University of Illinois,…

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