Essay about Graduation Speech : Becoming A Nurse

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When I started nursing college in August 2015, I only had a very clear idea of my final goal-- becoming a nurse. Actually, I did not think of how this would be or of how I would relate to my fellow students or to my professors. Nevertheless, I can now compare the before and after of my experience at the American college. I do prefer to emphasize the present moment which I see as the key to achieving my American dream.

Language always has been the principal barrier for me, and from my point of view, it is a common concern for the majority of non-English speakers who decide to come to the United States of America. Before I started school, I thought it would be more difficult, but I as met numerous people who were also struggling in order to achieve the same goal, I was convinced once again that it was possible. I now feel so happy to have met wonderful classmates who in time became my friends. My new buddies have greatly helped me in every sense and they are the principal part of my social life. We help each other in our studies, we share knowledge, books, and important information. Together, we have been able to improve our performance. We also share the good moments and we are going together through amazing events that will remain in our memories forever. These moments are reflected in pictures that we can show our children as part of our heritage and of our struggles to reach a better life for them and for us. We have a wonderful anecdote, unforgettable for all of us,…

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