Essay about Graduation Speech : Becoming A Doctor Or A Surgeon

748 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 3 Pages
At a very young age such as middle school, many students are required to answer to their teachers and parents about their future. Some students love helping others so they want to be a doctor or a surgeon. These students love to learn about new notions and want get a good education to achieve their dream of pursuing the career. College or any higher education such as vocational school or tech school allows students to reach a higher intelligence level after completing high school. Having intelligence can make a student have a better quality life and also, can make the student achieve his or her career goal. Everyone needs college or higher education because the students would have more job opportunities, health benefits, and would be able to present higher standards for future generations. With a degree, students can find better jobs. Job opportunities for the student will increase rapidly, creating faster employment. When students get out of college, they may find a job really fast. Once he or she applies for a job, the employers would rule out the people who do not have any college degrees. They would choose one person over another by comparing education. This way, the student with higher education would be able to have a job faster than the one without a higher education. According to Perry, 90 percent of growing jobs such as therapist and engineers require a postsecondary education. There would be a higher availability of jobs. As of now, there are many shortages for…

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