Graduation Speech : Academic Changes Essay

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Academic Changes

Everyday we sit in a classroom, we take out our pencils and notebooks, the folders we keep all the unwanted paper in, and then we wait. We wait for the teacher to tell us what we are about to learn. We repeat this process from day one. From the first minute we enter the classroom in kindergarten to the last second on our last day of being a senior. It’s the same routine that we unconsciously adapted to. So my question is, how do we stray from this familiar routine? To answer this question, we must first sort out what we need to change. We, as students and teachers, have to accomplish many goals. To shatter the goals we have set for ourselves dealing with academics, we must first see examine how to break the hoop jumpers, to create a new and fascinating way to learn, and to be able to recall this information for future references.
How do we shatter such impermeable goals? I believe that in order to get past the things that are holding us back, we must first recognize why we are stuck in the first place. Most students have problems advancing in the classroom because they do not understand the concept that is being taught so they struggle to keep up. Each student takes his/her time in learning something new, and it’s acceptable to go at their pace. There are some students who are known as hoop jumpers. Hoop jumpers are students who figured out the school system and can navigate their way through predictable demands (Wright). The down side to hoop jumpers is…

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