Graduation Speech : A Teacher Essay

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As a young child in elementary school, I struggled in the regular classes of language arts and math, and this caused my teachers to put me into Special Education. I recall hearing the regular students call me “stupid” all the time behind my back. When I had my regular classes in Social Studies or Science none of the other students wanted to be my partner in the group projects. I thought it was out of fear of my “stupidity” decreasing their chances of receiving a well-deserving grade. It made me feel like an outcast, and my self-confidence was exceedingly low. However, I knew that I was not the smartest kid, but I was a hard worker. I begged my mom to help me convince the teachers to allow me to to join the regular classes in the 5th grade. Fortunately, my teachers agreed, and in my regular language arts class I was motivated to prove to my teachers, my classmates, and myself how capable I was in exceeding in reading and writing. Today I enjoy reading and writing more these days than as a child because expressive vocabulary, elaborate details, and cultural awareness guided me to become a better writer and reader.
In elementary school and the first half of middle school my vocabulary was basic and limited. I did not express myself with words in an adequate way, and I could hardly comprehend the advanced words my classmates and teachers were using. I was too embarrassed to talk in front of class sometimes because I was terrified that my vocabulary would not match the other…

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