Graduation Requirements For High School Students Essay

820 Words Apr 8th, 2016 4 Pages
Throughout my time in high school and seeing all of the graduation requirements that come and go not once has community service come up. I personally think it is a great idea. Helps us high school students give back to the community. How many people come to sporting events, support clubs, and donate their time and resources to the high school out of the kindness of their hearts? A lot, especially in a small community like ours. The other thing is I think that the term community service is always followed by the question, “what did you get in trouble for?” which is very sad. So many people think that the only reason high school kids, most of the time, are doing this service because they have so many hours to fill. There are so many things that this community is in need of that it wouldn’t be hard to find any number of projects to do. Some examples of these are; fixing various things in parks, cleaning up around our little town, and donating our time at various nonprofit organizations. We have many parks in our little community and many of which really need maintenance. Fences need repaired, explicit words and sayings need to come off playground equipment, multiple other things. This wouldn’t be that hard of a job to do really. We talk to the city about this project, find out what materials we would need, get a group of kids and go ham on the park. We can fix fences, paint the equipment, pick up trash, spread new sand or wood chips, and even fix up the bathrooms. As long as…

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