Graduate Success Essay

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Preparing for Academic Success at the Graduate Level Michelle Carlton Comm/600 June 10, 2013 Rick Bushman Preparing for Academic Success at the Graduate Level In beginning the road to a Master’s Degree, there are several important factors that contribute to success. It is imperative to understand the proper way to format a paper as a graduate student. There are specific requirements that must be met when writing at the graduate level. It is important to understand your own strengths and weaknesses in writing to be successful. Another factor of success as a graduate student is the ability to demonstrate effective time management skills and stress …show more content…
Stress Management I am a very anxious person and become stressed out easily. I feel as though it is very important to keep my stress level in check throughout this process. I believe that this will also be a trial and error process, just as learning which time management techniques work well. Before I began graduate school, I was easily stressed out by situations at work. I knew that going into this, I would have to deal with the added stress of going to school. Time management is key to controlling stress levels. As stated above, I could work all day and night and not complete everything. I have to set a scheduled time that I will stop what I am doing at work and leave, as much as I want to stay and finish that one last thing. If I do not do this, I know that my schoolwork will suffer. It is important to find that balance between work and school. In addition to finding a balance between work and school, you also have to consider your obligations to your family. This is why I make sure to come home early during the week, so that I can eat dinner with my family before retreating to work on homework or studying. I also keep to this schedule during the week so that on the weekends, I can spend some quality time with the family. My family is also a support system to me. My husband is more than willing to help with the children when I am doing my

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