Grade School Vs. High School Essay

716 Words Jun 18th, 2015 3 Pages
As a child I was never into writing or reading. My childhood consisted of playing outdoors, taking care of my younger brothers, and playing video games or riding my bike when I had the chance. You could say I was never the “book worm”, I was more interested in other activities. It wasn 't until I had gotten the fundamental skills through grade school and high school, that I realized how much it helped me now. In high school and through grade school, I didn 't have the best experiences with writing or teachers. I was never really inspired to write, I wrote only when I had to do so. Mindlessly writing things that the teacher would tell us to write. And in return, receiving my papers back full of red marks. Discouraging of course, more than having to write a paper is the dreadfulness of having to “re-write” it. Again and again it always felt like an endless cycle. Writing a paper, turning in a paper, getting it back to correct mistakes, and then turning in what was considered to be “acceptable” for the teacher and hoping I 'd get a decent grade. That 's all that really mattered to me, making sure my paper was acceptable. Not for myself but for a grade. As a student we know how important it is to get good grades so that we can pass and move forward. I would have to say that 's what most teachers influence on their students when it comes to writing, trying to make sure students make as few mistakes as possible to be able to get a good report. Yet I know this is an important…

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