Grade Retention : A Controversy Within The Educational System

1767 Words Dec 20th, 2015 null Page
Grade retention, also known as “being held back” or “repeating”, has been a controversy within the educational system. Grade retention is requiring a student to return to a grade for further education, because he or she did not demonstrate a knowledge of the skills. Rather than follow social promotion traditions, schools should retain students who score low on state assessments, daily homework, and test scores; have little parental support; or show a lack of maturity. The country will face many problems with sending ill-equipped students out of school without the necessary skills needed to survive. Along with others, educators view that students need to be retained if they do not know the material. The retention process has helped many students and has a positive effect on the outcome of their lives. Grade retention can help to prepare our children for the future with necessary information they need. As students across the country learn, they don’t learn at the same pace. Some student require more instructions, tutoring, and guidance. It is the duty of educators to help them learn the required skills. If the children pass without knowing the information, educators and parents are setting children up for failure in the future grades. If students struggle with information in early grades, they will continue to struggle until they get help. Students should have to pass certain requirements to move on to the next grade level. Many states require students to pass their state…

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