Grade Eight Persuasive Speech

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It’s so hot!!!, I’m boiling here !!! These are some of the things we would be saying if we had grade eight graduation in the gym this year. This is our last year in Royal Orch1ard, so we should be treated to something better than a room full of sweating teenagers which reek of dreadful odor and their parents cramped in one room sitting on atrocious chair which torment the parent’s backs on their kids big day, where they have to sit for hours to see their kids graduation and have very little to eat and barely any food choices. This is why I believe we should have grade eight graduations in a banquet hall this year. A banquet hall solves all the problem that we have in the gym.

A banquet hall can provide more than enough space for us and our guest. Our gym cannot
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This is what a graduation in the gym would be like. An uncomfortable place which is dull, not exciting and boring. The seating is torture to us and for the parents. The worst of all, there is no air conditioning, so we will sweat a lot which means the odor of body will be everywhere, gross! Is this what you want? I don’t want it.This another reason why we should have graduation in a banquet hall this year. In a banquet hall, we will feel special and appreciated like this is our big day. We will feel like a king or queen depending on our gender, in such a fancy place where we can enjoy like royalty. A banquet hall has a delightfully comfortable seating where the students, parents, and teacher can sit down on comfortable chairs and not feel like their back is breaking.The best thing about having grade eight graduation in a banquet hall is that there is air conditioning, so sweating and odor is no problem, and your body feel comfortable. That sounds great. Everybody seem to enjoy at the banquet

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