Good Leadership: The Characteristics Of A Good Leader

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Characteristics of a Leader What is the true definition of the word leadership? What makes someone a person to follow? Leadership is such a hard this to define because it usually depends on the specific characteristics that you are seeking out in someone to reflect your own needs. It doesn’t matter who you are, what job title you carry, we all have people we look up to. Certain distinctive qualities can be seen in all great leaders of the past and present. Although there is no real definition to this cryptic word, there are several key aspects that all leader possess in order to be successful that include qualities of extensive experience, good communication and above all else, honesty. I have always seen the number one key to good leadership …show more content…
In being a leader you are often called upon to be the voice for your followers and are held to such a high standard, that ineffective communication can make or break you. Say said by Whitworth (2011), a good leader knows that by tweaking your leadership style, you can communicate with your followers in different ways by catering to the needs of a specific group. This is key in good communication; knowing your audience. Depending on who you’re speaking to, they will react in different ways and a good leader must know how to read someone and the direction of the conversation (Whitworth, B. 2011). This communication skill can be used in any format but it is most effective from a leadership standpoint when it moves up of down the so called “chain of command” in pyramid formation. This means when things work up or down the ladder, the communication is better transferred when a leader cannot always speak directly to everyone. This creates a good system that can be repeated in either direction with good results. Good leaders regularly use these techniques and have been for a very long …show more content…
As written in Leadership ethics in today 's world: Key issues and perspectives, leadership is held together by good ethics including integrity and of course, Honesty (Lakshmi, 2014, p.67). I completely agree with this simplistic yet important statement that without honesty, leadership could not possible. There are people in leadership possessions because they had people under them that believe the words they said to be true. There is a strong bond that is made with leaders and when there isn’t any honesty, it’s hard for people to truth anything about that leader. Effective leadership is not always considered to be ethical in all practices. With this being said, it’s obvious why leaders must be honest, because you have to have followers to be an effective leader but you must have honesty to be an ethical leader. It’s all rolled into one. Even if someone has years of experience and fantastic communication skills, it all means nothing without honest words to stand behind it

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