Persuasive Essay: Why College Students Drop Out Of College

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People say that going to college is hard, and they are absolutely correct. College students are finding it harder and harder to stay focused. Some college students fail classes and some even drop out of college all together. This is mainly blamed on high school students not being well prepared for college, also most students work jobs to support themselves. Due to students being overwhelmed and over worked, they can begin to give up after failing a big test or even a course. If students can learn to have structure and discipline, they will be rewarded with better paying jobs after they graduate college. My day normally consists of waking up and getting ready for work. Before I leave for work I have to make sure not to forget my backpack, because I spend most of my lunch break doing my school work. I don’t normally get that much school work done on my lunch, because I am only allowed to take thirty minutes. When I get off I head home and do even more school work. I mostly try to get my …show more content…
Some students work for fun, and some work to pay for costs of living, and some students even need to work because they have families. Those students who work for fun most likely work less, and have more flexibility with doing school work. Those students who work to pay for bills, need to work more to be able to support themselves. The students that need to work more, typically have less time to do school work. Those students who need to work full-time to support their families don’t have very much time to do school work. The people who have families suffer the most because they have three duties, being a full-time worker, being a student, and being a parent. A good way to avoid other duties from getting in the way with school work, is for students to sit down and write a schedule. Making a schedule will students be more in control of their time, and will allow them to make time for everything they need to get

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