Importance Of Going To College

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Congratulations, you have now completed High School! While completing high school is a huge step in your life, going to college is an even bigger step. Going off to college may seem scary or even sad to most people, but with proper preparation, you will be more than prepared. Right now, you may not even realize all of the responsibility college comes along with. Luckily, I am able to provide some advice I wish had been given to me before I entered college. There are three main things that will get you through your first year of college and prepare you for the next four years of you life. Stay focused, do not procrastinate, and prioritize your time. Staying focused in college can become very difficult to do. Being transferred to a different environment away from home seems surreal. There are so many new people to meet, parties to attend, and new places to see. While it is important to explore your surroundings, it is even more important to stay focused on why you chose to attend college …show more content…
In college, we seem to have a lot of free time. But this free time, should actually be time spent on homework and studying. Trust me, it is very easy to lay in bed all day when you don 't have a class to attend. But choosing to be lazy instead of being productive with your time, is one dreadful decision. It is essential to manage your free time wisely. Make a schedule, completed with set times reserved for homework and studying. Try studying at the same time everyday, so that it becomes a habit. Also, schedule your established commitments. Designate a specific time for papers, projects, meetings, exams, holidays, breaks, presentations, and even a little bit of relaxation time. Lastly, I have found it very helpful to make a daily to-do list. At the end of each day, I organize and schedule my next day. Having good time management will make all the difference in your success in

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