God 's God : God Essay

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God transcends our ability to understand Him the creation and in His nature. Another example is His omnipresence. Considering that the size of our visible universe is (Halpern, 2010) 93 billion ly (light years) in diameter, by faith we have to know that He is present in the whole universe Ps. 139:7. Not only is God present throughout the universe, but his nature is also homogenous in that his veracity is total. God is complete truth in all aspects, no falsehood as whatever God has revealed Himself as He truly is. There is no false pride or vanity as God knows all as it truly exists. Contrasting to God’s omnipresence is His holiness which sets Him apart from all others. It is God alone who is holy and sanctifies choosing the people and items to become holy in service to Him. God also calls Himself holy and again identifies with Israel in Ps. 89:18. God accomplishes His will, no one gives counsel to God (Rom. 11:34) and His will always remains congruent to His virtues, therefore His decisions are immutable for they are perfect. We know God through His revelation as the Trinity as Elohim is in the plural form, likely in God’s excellencies. Nevertheless, we know the Holy Spirit as God through His comfort, gifts, regeneration, sanctification and through the acts of the Holy Spirit. (Heb 10:15, Gen. 1:2)

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