God Is All Powerful, And All Essay

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In monotheistic faith, God is defined, in part, by a triad of attributes including being all good, all powerful, and all knowing. This triad of attributes is empirically derived from the concept of God being the prime mover. The question arises that if God is all knowing, all powerful, and all good, why does evil exist? Theodicy is a philosophical construct that attempts to reconcile the problem of the existence of evil given our understanding of the nature of God.
At first glance, the presence of evil could be used to indicate that God lacks in sufficient degree or exercise one or more of the three qualities attributed to Him. It could be argued that if God and evil coexist, then God must be some combination of not being good enough to want to stop it, lacking the knowledge to know how to stop it, and/or lacking the power to be able to stop it. In discussing this problem, David Hume uses three characters: Demea (the religious orthodox), Cleanthes (the empirical theist), and Philo (the philosophical skeptic) to discuss the different problems and solutions in addressing the fact of evil and whether or not God can coexist with evil while maintaining the three attributes of being all knowing, all powerful, and omnibenevolent. Demea argued that while it is clear that God and evil both exist, knowing the nature of God is out of the capability of human understanding. Thus, understanding the purpose behind evil is likewise impossible. Demea stated that while it is necessary…

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