Essay on Global Warming Is The Great Moral Crisis Of Our Time

1377 Words Oct 13th, 2016 6 Pages
Climate change in today’s society is one of the biggest battles we face. Depletion of natural resources, biodiversity loss, and extreme environmental factors are all resulting effects of climate change. Even though we know a large amount about what causes climate change, we have done little to fight it. So how do we stop it? Typically, there are two ways to go about this issue. On one hand, explained in the article “The Environmental Issue from Hell: Global Warming is the Great Moral Crisis of Our Time” written by Bill McKibben, shows how each individual doing the “little things” will eventually add up to make a big difference on climate change. On the other hand, in the article “To Really Save the Planet, Stop Going Green” by Mike Tidwell, argues to create a large scale environmental movement, political laws need to be passed which in turn will effectively impact climate change one giant step at a time. Although both articles try to find an answer to the question—how to stop climate change—each one has a different approach. The article written by Mike Tidwell has the best solution to this question and is more persuasive through his writing styles, examples, and techniques. Change can be one of the toughest parts of life to deal with for all types of ages. However, no matter how hard change is to adapt to, it is essential in order to survive. According to a study done by Global Footprint Network, “The average American has an Ecological footprint of 9.0 global hectares (23…

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