GKT Task 1 Essay

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GKT Task 1
Carrie A. Nuxoll
Western Governor's University
Applications in U.S. & World History
April 3, 2014

How the Silk Road Aided in the Diffusion and
Development of the Chinese Culture with the West

Thesis Statement: The development of the Silk Road played a significant role in the worlds advancement in multiple human societies by aiding the process of diffusion of cultures, technological advancements and resources specific to certain cultures.

Due to China’s geographical location of mountains, desserts, and jungles to the south, west and north, China was unable to intermingle with other cultures.

The Silk Road was constructed to aid the Han Dynasty of
China with political contact with other kingdoms of
Central Asia.
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Batista made a great show out of the trials of Fidel
Castro and Raul, allowing for journalists and civilians to be present for the proceedings.
Castro, in turn, used his own trial as an opportunity to speak out against the Batista government , calling it “his civic duty as a Cuban in standing up for democracy”.

(Rayne, 2014)

Instead of denying his role in the assault on the
Batista, Fidel embraced his role in the attack andof the Cuban Revolution
spoke to the people of Cuba regarding his pride in his actions.

The people of Cuba were captivated by the trails, and Fidel started to become nationally recognized through out Cuba by it’s citizens.

The outcome of the trials sentenced Fidel and his brother to 15 years in prison.

In 1954, Batista was re-elected as president, as he was the only candidate in a corrupt re-election process. With great pressure from international pressure from his allies to release many political prisoners, to include Fidel Castro.

Once Castro was released, he and his brother went into exile in Mexico City , where they continued the plot to overthrown Barista.

Fidel continued to recruit followers, and then struck in Cuba by capturing many cities in Cuba, as well as gaining supporters. As Castro’s popularity continued to rise, he continued to gain more supporters and followers, which unnerved
Batista .

This upheaval eventually cause d Batista to flee, to the Dominican Republic in 1959, ultimately

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