Ghost Are Real Essay

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How can anyone really know if ghosts are real or not? Is there actually evidence to really tell because who knows if anyone has truly seen one? There are people out there that go and search for ghost and they have only heard noises, seen shadows, different pieces of light, and most importantly different energy waves that match up with what they are looking for. They have studied ghost activity and if they are real for years and there has been hard evidence but does anyone know for sure. “Ghosts are the energy of a person’s soul and can be either good or bad. Spirit is a generic term to describe any entity that was never human like angels, demons, elementals or other gods” (Paranormalistics). Although a human ghost is the soul of …show more content…
Ghosts are a source of energy, and when people ghost hunt, they usually do it at night because the energy within a room is more noticeable. They still hunt during the day, but they have many more interactions during the night. Also, between nine at night and six in the morning is when most ghost interactions occur. This time period is known as the haunting hours. This happens because at this time there is less interference between living humans. Most spirits will not come out until it is calm and quiet so that they can go on with their business without getting disturbed. When people go on ghost hunts there are a lot of procedures that need to be followed so no one gets hurt in any way. First, you need to check out the area in daylight, so you are familiar with it. Look for dangerous places and complications that you will not notice in the dark. Make sure that it is not private property because if you get caught on the land you will get a ticket or go to jail. If you are going to a graveyard it will be good to notify the local police so they don’t get any calls on suspicious activity. Do research on the area you will be going to and go talk to the locals first. Also never go alone in case you get hurt or something ends up happening. Furthermore, the number one place for ghost sightings is graveyards and close behind it are schools, churches and older

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