The Paranormal Experiences

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However, this is not to say that the concept of the paranormal is a new one. Paranormal experiences have been documented since human beings began keeping records. The interpretation of a paranormal experience is largely influenced by an individual’s religion. Religion is a concept that does not have one simple definition. Over the years, religions have and will continue to change and develop as more is explored. Robert Bellah, a religious scholar and sociologist, focused much of his work on the social functions in different religions. Religion has the ability to bring large and small groups together and this ability is one that Bellah finds fascinating. Bellah divides religion into five types that explain the history of religion and the impact …show more content…
While the tribal religion had a solid relationship with the paranormal, axial culture and religion had a much more give and take relationship. While this time period has critiqued a number of the paranormal experiences and beliefs from the previous time periods, there is the belief in others. The story of King Saul, who was the first king of Isreal, is one of the most critiqued stories of the axial culture and religion. Even though paranormal experiences do not have a central role in the axial culture and religion islam, Buddthere are some times of belief. There are stories written that describe paranormal experiences and while there was not a huge significance of it, there was no denial of it. Human understanding and social arrangements were the result of a major shift. Happening at approximately at the same time, there were shifts happening in a number of different areas and cultures around the world. In this era the notion of rights evolved. This meant that women or men were not treated according to their place in the social hierarchy but with a certain amount of respect and justice regardless. As a result of this, the king was no longer able to do whatever he wanted but needed to justify his actions and could also be critiqued and evaluated by the people. Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity were among the many major …show more content…
The sacraments of the church are part of the central role in Catholic Christianity while Protestantism had a much more individualized view, where one had their own unique and direct relationship with God. Protestantism held more importance on the individual having faith rather than completing certain sacraments at a given time. Skepticism is the word to be used when describing the relationship between Protestantism and the paranormal. In this religion there paranormal and primal experiences were highly and often critiqued. There is the belief that many of the stories told throughout history were most likely false. It is also common for psychology to be included in modern forms of religion, which affects the explanation an individual may give for a paranormal experience. It is not surprising that as history evolved, people began to be much more skeptical of paranormal experiences. As time went on, more was learned and there were other possible explanations for these paranormal experiences that were not known previously. However, the topic of the paranormal is increasing in popularity once again and more and more people do believe in the paranormal. The interpretation of the paranormal is a topic that can be heavily influenced depending on one’s religion and

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