Essay about Ghost Of The Cold War

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Ghost of the Cold War In recent years Putin and Obama have been, and are operating under new foreign-policy codes, and the fundamental differences between them make it near unfeasible for them to communicate with one another. Anytime crises compels reaction from these powerhouses the suspicion is arisen time and time again that the unrestful friction between them is still vehement. “A New Cold War?” asks a USA Today headline in 2014. “Cold War-style Conflict” states CNN in their post. There is little to deny when it comes to the irresistible analogy of comparing modern Moscow and its foe Washington to the Cold War’s USSR and USA. However, this analogy veils more than it insights. Moscow and Washington will wish to dream of the Cold War, for ironically there was broader room for negotiation between them in final years of their last engagement than there may be in years to come. Throughout the Cold War and the following years, the US proudly led the West. The West, being of course, a militant alliance, embedded in NATO, that shared a peace with the allied nations that supported them like a family. The US itself representing a kind of miniature prototype of what the EU and UN wanted to achieve for all democratic countries. This shaped our foreign policies and even gave influence to Kennedy’s address to West Berlin in the summer of 1963, telling them that he too was a Berliner. Perfectly framing America’s world-wide defense of liberty as it saw fit. The Soviet Union, or USSR,…

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