Getting to Know You. Essay

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MEMO TO: COM3120-78 Students and Teacher

SUBJECT: “Getting to Know YOU!”

The reason I am taking this organization communication class is to focus and work on my communication skills. Communication is not a strength of mine but a weakness. Communication in important in life and in your career. I am a Project Manager and have the job I want. Communication plays a huge role in my career and taking this class will help me fine tune my communication skills.

My career goals are to have my own company. I currently work in an AMI/AMR & Metering company. I am happy with my position and would like to continue to grow in my field. I would also like to grow in the consulting field as it lines up with my plans for my own business. I will
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I guess that what makes me good at what I do for work. I should add this description to my resume and linkedin page. My subgroup is a Fieldmarshal. I have to say this must come from my military service which again fits in line with my job. Just like my ENTJ I feel I do it more because of work rather than who I really am.

So my results from the test I took for this assignment and which I have taken in the pass always seem to reflect who I am at work. I don’t always feel like an ENTJ/Fieldmarshal. A better way to describe me is as adaptive. I adapt to my surrounding, my work requires me to be a certain way. So I do it because it is my responsibility. At the end of the day I probably like to sit back and not be the lead.

As a Project Manager my personality results line up with my test results. I work with projects that require me to be a fieldmarshal and keep things in line and on time. We work with consultants, engineers, and contractors. We build out complex networks and integrate them with billing system software. One of the fieldmarshal intellects is in devising contingency plans. This plays in big part in what I do with my Projects and with the associated risk that have to be accounted for during a project. Once the risk are identified a correctly plan has to be put in place.

The detriment to my personality results would be that fieldmarshal search more for policy and goals than for regulations and procedures. This

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