Getting A College Degree : It Matters Essay

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Get a College Degree: It Matters
From pre-school snack time to elementary school recess, middle school basketball games to high school video games, children grow in the mold of a specific educational system. According to the majority of U.S. students, the next stage in this traditional system is to pursue a college degree. For many students, having a college education is not a necessary way to acquire a good job anymore because of the cost of college and the rate of job losses on the rise. However, Rebecca Mead, the author of “Learning by Degrees,” stresses the positive sides of attaining a college degree by giving examples of certain college majors that have a good employment rate and are paying well. Mead means that graduates are more likely to receive employment advantage through acquiring a college degree. Therefore, the value of a college degree is to pave the way for a future career because educational attainment is positively correlated with employment opportunity, level of earnings, and career development.
A higher education attainment helps prevent individuals from being out of work. Research shows that unemployment rates for those who have at least a college degree are commonly lower than unemployment rates for those who do not pursue education beyond high school. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2014 indicates that adults who have a college degree had an unemployment rate of 3.5 percent, compared with 6.0 percent for those who have a high school diploma…

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