Genetically Modified Society : Genetically Food Essay

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Genetically Modified Society
The average American consumes about “193 pounds of genetically engineered food in a 12-month period. The typical American adult weighs 179 pounds.” (Sharp). Which means on average we are consuming our weight and some in GMO’s. What are GMO’s? A GMO is an organism whose genome has been altered by the techniques of genetic engineering so that its DNA contains one or more genes not normally found there. The problem society is facing is not knowing that they are consuming GMO’s because the government is failing to inform us about our foods. The government should give proper labeling and information on GMO’s so that the consumer can have the choice in whether they want to eat GMO’s or not.
Most people don’t know what GMO’s are, let alone the problems that they bring. Since GMO’s haven’t been around very long, there aren’t any long term studies that have been done. Most people would ask how the FDA could allow us to consume a product if there aren’t long term studies. Former Director of Research at EWG, Renée Sharp who has a Master’s in Biology, says that there aren’t likely to be any long term studies anytime soon because the government doesn’t require the food industry to do so. She also states Government “isn’t even making it possible for independent scientists to do it, since under the law, those who hold patents on genetically engineered food get to decide in most cases what testing can – and cannot – be conducted” (Sharp). This is saying that…

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