Genetically Modified Organisms And Its Effects On The Environment

1024 Words Mar 2nd, 2016 5 Pages
Think of the last time you purposely inflicted a bodily harm upon yourself, or a time when you put your own body at risk. Chances are you can’t think off a time when that happened, but what if that was false? Research shows that you may be harming your body by simply eating food. What are these foods you might ask? These harmful foods go by the name of Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMO’s. These relatively new organisms produced by mutating the natural genes are understudied and are in most cases unlabeled to the general public. Can we trust these GMO’s? Maybe not. Due to gene mutations, and the long term health effects, the use of GMO’s is risky and has a negative effect on the environment. As stated before, GMO’s are relatively new forms of organisms whose genes have been altered by the addition of extra proteins. The GMO’s are being produced in ways that are supposed to be positive and help feed a growing population of people, pets, and livestock. However, there may be several negative effects as well. “We live in a country whose food supply is filled with genetically modified organisms, or GMO’s, and harmful food additives.” (GMO’s 1). Many of them are designed to be more resistant to environmental issues such as drought, which leads to a decrease in the amount of water needed to sustain grow, others are more resistant to insects. Some are genetically modified to grow faster to produce more crop and produce in a shorter amount of time. Some organisms like chickens,…

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