Pros And Cons Of Genetically Modified Organisms

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Genetically Modified Organisms are a topic of strong debate that sparkles both pros and cons, fuelled largely by a lack of understanding and huge amounts of misinformation that give wrong ideas. My research project is introducing the issues related to this and covering both pros and cons, and my own opinion towards this.

•Explain what is involved with this biological issue

Genetically modified organisms, also known as a transgenic organism, are living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially altered in a laboratory using genetic engineering(GE) techniques.

Every genes hold information that will give the organism a trait which is similar to phenotype. Genetic engineering technique involves the process of taking genes
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Genetically modified foods will certainly help families that cannot afford to buy the food and there will be less starvation in the world due to the fact that it cuts food prices.


Genetically modified foods have several kinds of substances that are not yet proven to be safe so they may cause a threat to the environment. It is because altering genetics is not a natural way to plant and cultivate crops.

Genetically modified foods do not taste as good as ordinary foods. Its unusual taste could be a result of the substances that were added in its process.

Scientific studies have proven that genetically modified foods contain substances that can cause particular illness or disease to several kinds of species in this world. This is because the new genes added to the genetically modified foods can be deadly to certain species.

Genetically modified foods can cause a lot of problems in the daily living of the merchants. These foods may encourage the authorities to charge higher tariffs to those individuals who will sell them. The tariff, quota and trade issues may become a problem in regions and other countries due to the profit that can be
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With progress in genetic engineering and genetically modified organism technology, farmers and scientists have changed their view on how food is grown and made, raising questions about these methods and their possible risks and effects. I think there is not enough information on the consequences of genetically modified organisms on environment, economy, human health, ecosystem etc. Also no final agreement was made among scientists.

I like the fact that genetically modified crops could provide us with nutritious foods and due to larger production there could be less starvation in the world. However, I personally think there are too many things that we are uncertain on this issue, too many problems/side effects that are hidden behind those advantages. For example, there are a lot of ethical environmental/wildlife issues and concerns on human health that could be potentially dangerous. Also there are economical problems that could occur. Moreover because it is not proven yet if it is 100% environmentally friendly or safe for the ecosystem, there is a potential risk of refusal of public towards genetically modified

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