Essay on Genetically Foods May Pose National Health Risk

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In Jeffery Smith’s “Genetically Engineered Foods May Pose National Health Risk”, he claims that genetically modified foods are causing more damage to human health than what we may see on the surface. According to Smith (2004), allergies in the UK towards soy increased by 50% ever since GM soy was introduced. He also mentions several studies conducted that show significant effects on heath such as the lab rats who were fed GM tomatoes in the early 1990’s. Smith has been involved with GM foods for years and he aims to protect people from the potential harm of GM foods. He worked with the US congress to raise awareness about the risks of GM foods. Moreover, he has written a book about GM foods which is called “Seeds of Deception”. The author made use of studies conducted to support his argument, however, studies done on animals can’t be generalized to humans because we belong to different species. In addition, certain studies were conducted on small samples, thus it can’t be credible. furthermore, the author used a counter-argument and refutation to strengthen his argument but it was brief. On the other hand, Smith presents good knowledge about the topic and sounds confident towards his argument. However, I disagree with his claim because GM foods are equivalent to conventional foods as scientists don’t have enough evidence of whether GM food is safe or not so this means that it is only correlated, thus a lot of external factors that may be influencing such health…

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