Generation Y, Or Millenials Essays

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In today’s ever connected and fast-paced world, Generation Y, or Millenials, born between the early 1980’s and the mid-1990’s to early 2000’s are a generation unlike the world has ever seen. Raised by the Baby Boomers who were influenced by Vietnam, Watergate, and were “idealistic” in nature, Millenials are perceived to be motivated by time off who value individuality and have low company loyalty (Montana Office of Public Instruction). But, when trying to connect with them on a coaching, advisement-type role, how is this best accomplished? A report by ICEF Monitor proclaims that people most successful in this endeavor “don’t dictate or shout, but empower and leave control in the hands of youth” (“How to connect with today’s youth: Part 1 & 2,” 2012). In addition, the same report concludes that “…although the frequency of being in touch with peers has dramatically increased, contacts are more superficial…” due to the brief and “Twitter-length” style of the conversations (“How to connect with today’s youth: Part 1 & 2,” 2012). When looking at how to tie this into having meaningful, impacting relationships with Millenials, what does this mean? Organizations such as My Brother’s Keeper, Big Brother’s and Big Sister’s, and The National Mentoring Partnership are traditional in the sense that they help to develop first person, on-hand relationships between the youth of today and anyone willing to volunteer and help make a difference. As noteworthy and admirable as these…

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