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General Reaction: The concert I attended entitled “Illuminations” was located at the Sottile Theatre, an old historical building on the College of Charleston campus. The theatre was very nice and elegant. The decor there is very eclectic with bright red carpeting throughout and classical pictures decorating the walls. I felt like I was in an old plantation house. We arrived at the theatre thirty minutes early and were able to take in the sights completely before the concert began. My wife went with me and we were seated in the balcony. The stage was pretty plain; only one piano and a few musical stands decorated it. A wall of acoustical tiles filled one side of the theatre. The other side had remnants of an old beautiful mural. murals

My wife and I discussed the mural for a long time. It appeared to depict women on a patio, some playing musical instruments and the ocean portrayed in the background. Many years ago, the aging theatre was being restored for the College of Charleston. We assumed when the acoustic tiles were removed, this beautiful mural was found underneath. Large spots filled the mural; we assumed these were where the tiles were fastened. I was surprised at how someone would want to cover such a beautiful piece of art.

The ceiling was decorated like the night sky with tiny lights flashing like the stars. It was perfect for this concert, which was titled, “Illuminations.” It seemed like the theatre did not have a roof and the stars were…

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