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Gender Management & Emerging Practices in Leadership Development







6th January, 2013.

The review encompasses two articles which are separately. The first is about gender management. It talks about doing and behaving according to one’s gender. It gives the aspect that there are people who have binary gender that is, they can behave as feminine or masculine depending on the situation. It concludes by giving the
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Doing gender well and doing gender differently.
Two previous cited authors West and Zimmerman, in their work they try to distinguish sex category, sex and gender when trying to explain the concept of doing gender. They try to demonstrate how sex category is what intersects sex and gender. Sex is biological classification of people as male and females. Sex category is where one considered a certain sex according to the external marks of sex (Risman 2009 pp 81-84). This is done when the there is absence of information that can provide biological assistance. Individuals under this category are classified due to clothing, facial hair, and broadness of the shoulder among other categories. The relationship which should be defined between gender and sex category is one being recognized as belonging to certain sex category and doing what the culture expects of him. Gender is not what someone possesses but it is a process of interaction and activities that result to expressions of masculine or feminine natures (west and Zimmerman 2007 pp 112-122).
Exaggerated expressions of doing gender.
Individuals are said to belong to particular sex category due to their doing gender. Individuals who do occupations that in most cases in the context of the society are perceived as morally, socially and physically tainted are somehow said to exaggerate. In effect such persons

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