Gender Roles Within Our Lives Essay

1077 Words Apr 14th, 2016 null Page
In our lives we are seen as one and that’s human beings. Although we are the same we are treated differently because of our sex. Our sex is what defines us in our society. Sex is just the determination of male or female. Society as we know it is very judgmental and classifies us human beings by categories such as our sex. These categories are both male and female. Although we are all the same as to being a human we let our genders get in the way of our lives of everyday obstacles. Gender is primarily the state of being male or female and masculine or feminine. The overall basis of gender is to to tell us what sex we are as male or female not tell us how to live based off of our gender. When we base our lives around our gender it becomes known as a gender role. A gender role is a set of societal norms dictating what types of behaviors are generally considered acceptable, appropriate, or desirable for a person based on their actual or perceived sex. Before we are born most parents like to find out their child’s sex. From then on its all about colors whether its blue for a boy or pink for a girl. Our society tends to classify us before we are born with colors, toys, actions, and what is acceptable at an early age in our lives. Colors go back to when parents find out the sex of their baby. For a girl its usually pinks and purples and boys is blue. But our society progresses these societal norms as we grow up. In my own perspective I have gone through the color societal norm…

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