Gender Issues Today 's Society Essay

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Gender Issues Today Society has learned a lot about gender perception, roles, and inequality. It has learned a lot about the issues that surround them all. Social cognitive theory states that cognitive development is one factor in gender-role acquisition, but there are also social influences (Helgeson, 2012). Society has gained a lot of knowledge and insight from experience. History has given us this valuable insight and knowledge throughout its experiences and through research, yet; still today society remains troubled with its perceptions, its roles, and the message that it gives all those that listen. People in society learn their roles and learn to associate them starting at a young age.
Cognitive Development Although it may seem cute when a boy says a girl is gross or they create a “boys” only clubhouse, it may seem cute when girls say boys have “coodies”, yet, disadvantageous ramifications can result. Cognitive development theory says that by age of 2 or 3, children learn their labels. They are either a boy or they are a girl; however at these early stages children may still believe that they are able to change to boy or to girl if they so wish (Helgeson, 2012). If a boy puts on a dress, he can become a she. If a girl puts on a suit, she can become a he (Helgeson, 2012). At these ages children associate gender with characteristics based on what the world around them has shown them thus far. Biological factors have literally nothing to do with gender at these ages. It…

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